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From detailed cargo tallies to advanced laboratory analyses, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs.
Our company
The independent inspection company SURVEST has been providing survey services since 2003.
Our employees have more than 15 years of experience in surveying. Hundreds of thousands of transit motor vehicles have been inspected over the years. We apply different survey methods from the tally of cargo to laboratory analyses. All this has helped us to acquire experience in surveying–an intricate discipline for which there is no clear-cut academic pathway. A skilled surveyor can be an invaluable asset, which is why we appreciate and esteem our specialists greatly.
Every stage of loading is carefully scrutinised
Having meticulously inspected hundreds of thousands of vehicles, thousands of containers and wagons, and a vast array of ships loaded with diverse goods, our team is your trusted partner in surveying.
Our services
We apply different survey methods from the tally of cargo to laboratory analyses.

Cargo Inspection:

  • Tally of cargo when unloading or loading vehicles
  • Pre-shipment inspection in warehouses
  • Inspection of apparent order and condition of goods and their packaging
  • Inspection of fitness of vehicles for carriage of goods
  • Inspection of containers

Vehicle and Machinery Evaluation:

  • Technical inspection
  • Evaluation of vehicles, machinery, and equipment
Our Surveying Success by the Numbers
  • 200,000+
    Motor Vehicles Inspected
  • 3,000+
    Containers & Wagons Surveyed
  • 500+
    Ships with Bulk and General Cargoes
Hundreds of marine vessels surveyed, laden with a variety of goods including:
  • Bulk Cargoes: Fertilizers, coal
  • General Goods: Cocoa beans, sugar, grains, citrus fruits, metals, machinery
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Our partners
  • OU Survest has renewed the contract with surveing company Cubacontrol and fulfils functions of Cubacontrol's agent in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Baltic States.
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